[Evolution] Questions

I just recently started using Linux (Xandros).  I'm trying to decide
between Evolution and Kmail as e-mail clients.  There are some things
that I cant seem to find answers to in the help file or the manual.  In
fact they don't match on several things such as the Preview Pane.  The
manual mentions a vertical view versus a classic view from the
View>Preview menu.  I don't see this option.  Also e-mail notification
is described in the manual but I cant get it working.  A mail
notification plugin is shown unchecked in the list of plugins, but if I
try to check it, it won't take.

Many e-mail clients allow you to limit download size, but I see no such
option in Evolution.  Is there one?  Finally, the backup procedure says
to copy an appropriate folder and a choice for the receiving location
will be given.  The box comes up, but I don't see any offer of a
location for the copied folder.

I appreciate any help with this.  Thanks,


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