Re: [Evolution] Identifying and clearing redundant data/files


I did just that. After seeing where the spaces was taken up, I did:
It started ok and all looks fine - I've been running for about 2 hours and have received a dozen or so mails no problem. The clear out has saved circa 2.5GB -  a huge amount...but obviously that has built up over the years (I've always had 'leave messages on server' set - so presumably it couldn't clear cache (I assume it uses the cache to know which messages on the server it has already fetched)).

I've got a simple script to clear the files now...! I was a bit paranoid about running it and I must admit I'm still not sure as to the relevance of the uid-cache file sitting in the pop directories. I was a bit scared that the entries in there linked to the physical cache and that it was all going to blow up after I cleared the cache files. But not so far. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for all your help and input.....

PS Presumably as your cache is being cleared after a week - you then got the option set to delete messages on the server after 7 days? That would then tie up with how I think it works.

On Tue, 2008-04-08 at 10:57 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Tue, 2008-04-08 at 13:59 +0100, Steve T wrote:
> Patrick,
> Yes, I clear the Trash every day.
> I think I can see what the problem is and where the space is being
> taken up.
> I have my pop3 set so that the messages are left on the server.
> Periodically, I go to the pop3 server(s) and manually delete the
> messages that i know I have read and have in Evolution (I tend to do
> this so I always have my mail on an available web based server, in
> case I'm ever out without my laptop).
> Would I be right in assuming that Evolution then cache's the messages
> from the various servers - so it knows what has already been
> retrieved? If that is the case then that would seem to leave the
> messages in cache, even after I delete them from the server and from
> Evolution itself.

It appears so, at least I still have cache copies of POP messages after
emptying Trash. However they only go back a few weeks, so it looks like
Evo is cleaning them out periodically. I have absolutely no idea how it
decides to do this -- I haven't touched any relevant preferences.

For IMAP, it seems to cache only header info.

> My flow is: 
>       * Get mail from Server 
>       * Cache mail to say retrieved 
>       * Post to VFolders inside Evolution 
>       * At some point I delete the mail from the Server 
>       * At some other point I delete the mail from Evolution (and
>         clear trash!) 
>       * But does this then leave a copy in cache?
> If that is the case, how can I go about clearing 'dead' messages from
> cache? My first thoughts were to get all the messages from the servers
> and delete  them from the Servers - then delete all the cache entries
> from evolution. Is that sensible and will that cause me more issues?

rm -rf ~/.evolution/mail/pop/<account>/cache/*

should work (even without fetching everything again). I mean, it's a
cache, right? (If you're nervous, first move the cache directory aside,
e.g. "mv cache cache-save", and check that everything still works.)

You could presumably put it in a crontab entry to execute once a week or


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