Re: [Evolution] Fwd: FY 0809 Resource requirements - Business DevelopmentHi Javed,

Hi Javed,

One of the problem with Business development is different geographies (bangalore and Chennai) and different technologies (Security Services and SAP). These sales resources for these geographies and technology services can not taken as a common pool.

1. The projected manpower requisition I have given is based on Business Development annual plan (7 crore Services + 2 crore licenses) and our subsequent discussions.

2. Let me give my reasoning for these resources

a. Bangalore number is 3.5 crore and we are asking for one additional sales (Q2) and one additional inside sales (Q3). As we discussed Bangalore Inside sales will be managing Bangalore and Chennai (3.5 + 1.5 Crore)

b. Chennai number is 1.5 crore and we are asking one Jr. (Q1) and one mid Sales executive (Q2) . We can not depend on one Jr. sales resource as we will not have any back-up if he leaves.

c. Security Services number is 1.5 Crore and we are asking one mid sales resource (Q1) and one Jr. Sales resource (Q3).

d. SAP services number is 0.5 crore and we are asking for one mid sales resource in Q2. Although the number is small, we will utilizing FY0809 to build a strong base in SAP services for FY0910.

e. We decided that Delhi market will be built as per the opportunities. However we will need a sales resource by Q4.

f. To cover all business development areas (7 crore) we are asking a mid marketing manager. We can postpone this requirement to next year.

3. We have also committed 2 crore of Oracle licenses revenue with minimum 6% margin.

4. Preethi will manage Chennai resources and market from Q3.

5. To summarize :

We must have : Security Services (1 resource), Bangalore (1 resource) Chennai (2 resource), Inside Sales (1 resources),

Optional / based on performance : Security Services (1 Jr. resource), Marketing (1 mid resource), SAP (1 resource), Delhi (1 resource)

6. Our revenue per head will all resources is 53.84 L with 13 resources and 77.7 L with "must have resources' (total 9 resources) . This is withought licenses margins.

7. Our cost for these resources will not be (9 x CTC x 12 months) as we will be hiring them in a staggered phase.


On Tuesday 08 April 2008 14:54:22 Javed Tapia wrote:

> shrikant,


> the way headcount is approved is to match it with revenue target. pls

> look at this in light of the fact that you currently have 2 sales, 1

> inside sales and 1 marketing person. you are asking for 9 more

> resources. What is the revenue per head count? pls think through this

> and re-submit.


> regards,

> javed


> On Tue, 2008-04-08 at 14:22 +0530, Shrikant Navelkar wrote:

> > Resending email......

> >

> > Hi Lakshmi,

> >

> > Pl find enclosed resource requirement for Business Development Group for

> > FY0809.

> >

> > I will call you before EOD today and discuss about Q1 - 0809.

> >

> > Shrikant

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