[Evolution] Debug enhancements for evo

Hi all;

I'm running a 100% debuggable version of Evo (plus gtkhtml, e-d-s,
evo-exchange, etc.) all the time now, and I'm running it with full
logging on at all times as well.  I was hoping this would help me create
useful and usable problem reports in bugzilla when "odd things"

However, it's not working out like that and I hoped that someone here
would have some ideas.

There are two main problems I have with the debug output in today's Evo:

First, there is no timestamp on any of the output.  So, I have no idea
which messages might have just been printed and which might have been
printed 2-3 minutes ago, or an hour ago, or whatever.  Sometimes I can
figure it out; for example I might notice the contents of a message I
just read being downloaded or something.  But normally it's very hard to
figure out how much of the log might be interesting for me (or anyone
else) to look at.

Second, it seems the output log is fully buffered rather than being
unbuffered or even line buffered.  Sometimes I don't see any new
messages, then when Evo is killed or quits all of a sudden a bunch of
them appear (for things that I thought would already be there).

It seems that Evo is using a standard library (glib maybe?) to provide
debug/logging facilities.  Is there any way to either resolve these
issues in Evo itself, or else get them resolved by whomever manages the

 Paul D. Smith <psmith gnu org>                 http://make.mad-scientist.us
 "Please remain calm--I may be mad, but I am a professional."--Mad Scientist

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