Re: [Evolution] Several issues with 2.12.1

David, please resist the urge to top-post.

In order to get both to work, I've created two accounts,  each pointing
one of the spool files.  This works, although both accounts appear with
separate Inbox, Junk, & Trash subfolders.  Here're my problems:

3.  When I delete mail the deleted mail ends up in it's account-specific
trash folder (I'd prefer just one, but that's not the issue now).  
In any event, when I empty the trash, only one of the trash folders is
emptied.  The other just seems to keep on growing.  This is clearly a

Didn't check this in a while, but it sounds like Empty Trash is per
account. Did you ever try opening that persistent Trash folder and try
to empty it?

I tried opening the 2nd trash folder--had it displayed and then tried to
delete (right-click--followed and selected delete).

I end up deleting the main trash.

No, that is *not* what I asked.  This will *delete* the folder.

What I asked you to do is to  File / Empty Trash [1]  for each account,
since you reported that you got two Trash folders, of which one seems to
keep on growing. Since you also mentioned two accounts, I assumed you
are talking about one Trash folder per account.

If you got two Trash folders on *one* account, that would be a totally
different issue. Probably a physical folder named "Trash"...


[1] or right click on the Trash folder and Empty Trash in the context
    menu for that matter -- not Delete

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