Re: [Evolution] undesired insertion of '>' (greater than sign) in column 1

tis 2007-05-22 klockan 21:12 -0700 skrev DK Smith:

I checked the same panel in the prefs before inquiring. It's possible I
am missing something. Though, I should note that my first description of
the problem allowed too much room for interpretation.

For example, I am referring to a situation where a paragraph begins with
the word "From", like "From sea to shining sea". On my build of
evolution the greater-than character is inserted by the MTA, evolution. 

So, the following is the result:


From sea to shining sea

From green to red.

From head to toe.


Is this a feature? :)

Yes :-)

(Historically) lines beginning with From separates mail, thus From's in
the mailbody needs to be prepended with a '>' to indicate that it is not
the beginning of a new mail.


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