Re: [Evolution] undesired insertion of '>' (greater than sign) in column 1


I checked the same panel in the prefs before inquiring. It's possible I
am missing something. Though, I should note that my first description of
the problem allowed too much room for interpretation.

For example, I am referring to a situation where a paragraph begins with
the word "From", like "From sea to shining sea". On my build of
evolution the greater-than character is inserted by the MTA, evolution. 

So, the following is the result:


From sea to shining sea

From green to red.

From head to toe.


Is this a feature? :)


On Tue, 2007-05-22 at 21:39 -0600, Akhil Laddha wrote:
Hi DK,
       I think you are talking about forwarding and replying
scenario.You can change evolution settings
In Menu bar Go to Edit > Preferences > Composer Preferences > General
tab.Here you can choose default forward and reply style.Like in forward
style,you have three option Inline,Quoted and Attachment.

Or you can choose at the time of forwarding also 

Highlight the message and now choose style from Menu bar Message >
Forward as > Inline/Quoted/Attachment.

Hope this will help you.

- Akhil

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