[Evolution] save image from an email in easier way

Dear all

This is how I do with images embedded in HTML email:
1) save the image as a message on /tmp
2) open it with vim
3) locate the image, remove non-image data and save;
4) run mmencode -u -b < /tmp/message > result.jpeg, this is to decode

I got the image.

Most other email software provide either "save image as" when image is
right-clicked, or show images as attachments. Evolution being the only
one I didn't find how to save an image. Any faster solution?

Our customer very much like sending us screenshots by using "Scrn" key
followed by Ctrl+V, (not lunch an image edit tool, save image as png,
attach it to the email as attachment), so doing the above 1-4 become my
daily routine. Troublesome.


Zhang Weiwu
Real Softservice
+86 592 2091112

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