Re: [Evolution] How do I migrate to Evolution from Thunderbird?


Am Mittwoch, den 07.03.2007, 07:26 -0800 schrieb Jai:
I am an Ubuntu 7.04 (herd 5) user and I want to completely switch to 
evolution, but I have thousands of emails archived within Thunderbird 
and over three-hundreds cotacts. I need to be able to search within old 
email, and use the same contacts.

I just migrated my contacts from Thunderbird to Evolution:
I exported the contacts in Thunderbird and importing the single file in

This works in general, but first names don't appear in the Evolution
overview: The last names are recognized as last names, but the given
names seem to be misfits. Eg if I want to edit a contact, the full name
given in the overview is correct, but when i choose the name window, the
first name does not appear in those sub-categories.

Michael Below

Michael Below

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