Re: [Evolution] How do I migrate to Evolution from Thunderbird?

On Wed, 07 Mar 2007 07:26:28 -0800
Jai <i922sparkcir gmail com> wrote:

Hi, this is my first time using this mailing list.

I am an Ubuntu 7.04 (herd 5) user and I want to completely switch to 
evolution, but I have thousands of emails archived within Thunderbird 
and over three-hundreds cotacts. I need to be able to search within
old email, and use the same contacts.

Thank you guys for your help.
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I'm not sure about the contacts, but you should be able to transfer
your email using your favorite file manager, since Tbird and Evo use
the mbox email format. With Evolution closed, copy the Tbird file
containing the email itself (one for each filter
folder you've set up?) into /home/~./evolution/mail/local . Then start
Evolution. Evolution will crunch for a bit, then you'll see the file as
an email folder in Evolution's window. Assuming you have individual
filter folders in Tbird, start with small ones as a test. Then make
sure the number of emails you see in Evo after the transfer is that same
as the number you had in Tbird. I've found that when transferring email
files containing a couple of thousand emails, some of them wind up in
Evolution's Trash folder. If that happens to you, just hightlight those
and drag them to the correct folder. 

Others may have a more elegant solution, but this has worked for me...

With best regards,

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