Re: [Evolution] DST

On 3/27/07, Srinivasa Ragavan <sragavan novell com> wrote:

If you are on SLED10 or 10.1 or 10.2, then this is the bug you should be
looking into. There
is an update to Evolution 2.6.0 on SLED10.


"Access Denied
You are not authorized to access bug #251573."

I did the update suggested here:

but still it appears that my evo is having issues with timezone. I
recieved an appointment via exchange connector from a fellow employee
just the other day. Our exchange is all patched up and functioning
properly, as are all the workstations.

WHen I look at the recieved appointment, it says "10am-11am" for the
appointment, yet when I accept the appointment, it is placed in my
calendar at the "11am-12p" time slot.

Is there any manual thing I can do to fix this? I've got admin
assistants looking at my calendar and freaking, because my meetings
are showing up in the wrong times.


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