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On Sun, 2007-03-25 at 22:40 -0500, Peter Van Lone wrote:
On 3/15/07, P Chenthill <pchenthill novell com> wrote:
Hi Chris,
       We are not currently doing much bug fixes in the version which
your using. Please upgrade your evolution to the latest stable version
which is evolution-2.10. It has all the latest timezone updates.

I am amazed at the hutzpah of this answer, particularly given that Evo
is so damned difficult to upgrade. It seems to be closely tied into
the gnome desktop stuff, that upgrades outside of an entire desktop
upgrade are ... impossible? Dangerous? Dicey?

I'm on 2.60 which came with a fairly recent distro (SLED 10) and ...
not only does Novell not provide an RPM to update to the latest
versions, but an attempt to do so is met with an impossible array of
dependency errors.

If you are on SLED10 or 10.1 or 10.2, then this is the bug you should be
looking into. There
is an update to Evolution 2.6.0 on SLED10. tells about other
SUSE variants which were under the support period [5 years or so, not
sure on this]. Im sure there would be a possible update to those
versions also, if it is raised. 

I continue to try -- and to hope -- that evo can be a true corp
groupware client ... but there are so many issues it is not easy.

This attitude of "not supporting" older versions and yet not offering
real options for upgrading ... is simply not acceptable in the corp
world, and really actually almost (by itself) invalidates evo as an
option in this environment. At the very least there SHOULD HAVE been
information posted to this list (and elsewhere) saying what versions
would have a DST patch and when.

And, to STILL not have a DST patch available ... well, good god! Can
you imagine if I had my customers executives on evo, and they had
dozens and dozens of appointments in the effected time periods that
were screwed up? What would they say to me if I said "oh, well the
developers haven't gotten to it yet, and the version that we have in
our (newley deployed) desktop is not fully supported and... we really
don't have good options for updating it, and  ....

well, hopefully you get the freaking point?

currently working on a fix for migrating timezones of meetings created
in past and occurring in future which will be posted by today or

Lovely -- please push this info to the list, when something is
available. I would like to have my exchange calendar not make me look
like as ASS for all my windows using peers sometime soon.

Chen made an awesome tool that will migrate meetings in the Personal as
well as Groupwise calendars to the new DST.

But for Exchange, since the DST information is maintained in the Server,
we need a tool that can change the information in the server. We are
working on this currently. Ideally this has to happen through Evolution,
as this requires cache updation and the server up-sync of the cache.
There could be more scenarios than what we assume. 

Alternatively Microsoft has [1] a DST update tool that runs in the
server and updates the system timezone information and also migrates all
user calendars to new timezone. This also can solve the issue, but we
haven't tested with this and have no more information.

Anyways Exchange calendar migration for Evolution would be posted on the
list, once that is completed. Watch out!!!


[1] On Google Search. Some successful links

Good grief! Who is running this circus, anyway?
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