Re: [Evolution] A bug and a workaround for Evo not providing an "open" option for attachments

On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 08:32 -0400, Mark Stosberg wrote:
This is due to a bug in this version of Evo, which does not follow the
MIME standard that mime-types should be case-insensitive. The attachment
I got had a MIME type of "audio/x-WAV". Evo should have recognized that
this was the same as "audio/x-wav", but it did not. 

( For reference:
  "Matching of media type and subtype is ALWAYS case-insensitive" )

Have you reported this in Bugzilla?  In Evo's Help menu, hit "Submit bug
report".  If that doesn't work (last I knew it used direct SMTP to send
the reports), is the place to report.

Getting it in Bugzilla is probably the best way to make sure the
Evolution developers see it.  It at least puts it on their list of
things to look at.

- Michael

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