Re: [Evolution] Passwords are not remembered - SOLVED - UPDATES now there -

On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 08:48 +0100, LLLActive GMX Net wrote:


I installed the openSUSEupdater only, and was adding the scripts by
Martin Schlander: konvenientSUSE for openSUSE 10.2

and then the "opensuseupdater" icon lit up (have no Zen.. anymore) and
said there are new updates. It was Evolution:

evolution-data-server-32bit 1.8.2-7 x86_64 SUSE-Linux-10.2-Updates
evolution-data-server ..... 1.8.2-7 x86_64 SUSE-Linux-10.2-Updates
evolution ................. 2.8.2-5 x86_64 SUSE-Linux-10.2-Updates

All running well now


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