Re: [Evolution] Passwords are not remembered

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 12:03 -0230, Brent Payne wrote:

Look in the archives for January 12 - I posted a solution for this

Actually I found it on January 13th.
Me too

Des, I installed as you said. Strangely it did not work, untill I
unchecked the "Remember this Password" in the pop-up box. Then it
worked. With the next new start of Evo I have to enter them again. This
time with "Remember this Password" checked; no change.

I checked the note about "a sanity check" and started the
"gnome-keyring-manager" and it moaned that "GNOME Keyring daemon is not

I am not using Gnome desktop, but have in installed; never seen it
before though. 

How do I start the deamon automatically every boot time. I looked at the
"Gnome configuration editor", but no luck with starting the deamon. Any
hints will be welcome. 


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