[Evolution] Vanishing Cursor

Forgive me if I am not following the proper protocol, because I am
posting this a second time -- the first post did not appear in one of
the digests that were delivered to me.

I have an intermittent issue with evolution email program, in that
occasionally the cursor will vanish from the window while an email
message is being written.  The words that have already been typed
remain, and any characters that are entered while the cursor is gone
appear on the page when the cursor returns.  I am using version 2.8.3,
on the Fedora 6 core -- 2.6.20-1.2925.fc6, and this is a new occurrence
that seems to have appeared after the system did an update of the

Any one else?

The only other issue with the program was in reconciling the name for
the email accounts. and it was solved by entering the numerical IP
number (ie rather than gmail.com) into the account

Thanks in advance for any answers.

By the way, it did not happen while typing this message...and it
happened three or four times while typing a similar message the last
time I submitted this question.


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