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Thanks everyone for your responses!  I finally got it running by copying the /evolution-dataserver/zoneinfo from a Core 6 box that I use, to the Core 4 box.  I'll wait for the fix to update the 100 other Core 4 boxes that I oversee.  In response to the request to upgrade, I have posted my efforts/problems trying to upgrade Evolution to 2.8 on Fedora Core 4 but have not seen any replies to the effect that this is possible.  I would love to get these boxes upgraded as I really like the new features however, trying to pass to the ./configure the unending amount to dependencies and locations is too much.  If someone has built an RPM or has easy directions on building one, I would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,


P Chenthill wrote
Hi Chris,
       We are not currently doing much bug fixes in the version which
your using. Please upgrade your evolution to the latest stable version
which is evolution-2.10. It has all the latest timezone updates. Am
currently working on a fix for migrating timezones of meetings created
in past and occurring in future which will be posted by today or

- Chenthill.
On Wed, 2007-03-14 at 11:28 -0400, Chris Murphy wrote:
I'm running Evolution 2.2.3 on Fedora Core 4.  I have the same problem
as many other people where my calender alerts are 1 hour off.  I have
seen many questions but no answers to this problem here or on the many
forums I have looked in.  Is there a fix for this or is the only
solution to wait until April for the old DST to take effect.

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