Re: [Evolution] help? My appt's always start as all day events!

Hi hartzell,
          The appointment created from WeekView, Listview and MonthView
defaults to all day event. If its created from DayView and WorkWeekView,
the time selected in the view would be the start and end times of the

- Chenthill.
On Sun, 2007-03-11 at 14:00 -0700, George Hartzell wrote:

I'm running Evolution on FreeBSD-STABLE.  Everything's been
built from sources using the FreeBSD ports tree.

Whenever I try to add an appointment, the dialog box pops up
configured for an "All Day Event".  I can uncheck the box from the bar
full of icons or the options pull-down-menu and then it behaves like
an appointment.

It works this way for my account and in a completely clean account set
up to test this problem.

I've emailed with Joe Clarke, the FreeBSD Gnome coordinator, and he
said that he's never seen this problem and suggested that I talk to

I've googled, searched through the help, and dug around in the gnome
configuration db, and can't see why it might be acting this way.

Anyone know what's up?


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