Re: [Evolution] Imorting wizard

On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 14:25 -0700, Robin Laing wrote:
Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 08:48 +0100, Alfred JILKA wrote:
I need something to use instead of the possibly upcoming outlook. Therefore I looked at 
evolution. I already tested with thunderbird, but the filtering mechanism appears to be quite 
buggy. Filtering is crucial to my job. Manually wading through hundreds of mails every day is 
just not possible. Therefore the mozilla project has nothing usable to offer.

If by filtering you mean Junk control, I've found TB more reliable than
Spamassassin, and the UI is cleaner than Evo's, but of course YMMV.


I prefer Thunderbird filtering by a long shot over Evolutions.  Much 
faster and neater.  It takes up to 100 times longer to do a major mail 
sort (not junk) into mail boxes compared to Thunderbird.  I fought for 
two months to get things working correctly and fast in Evolution.

I can filter 1000 messages in Thunderbird in under 2 minutes.  On 
Evolution it takes over an hour from the Exchange server to my local 
mail boxes.  And this is with one single filter and the same messages.

My one and only filter moves my mail from the Exchange (no pop or imap) 
server inbox to a local box.

Also, I found some of the messages I never could get the filters to 
actually move to the correct locations.

I know that the main speed issue is due to Evolution Connector but that 
doesn't deal with the filtering in comparison to Thunderbird's.

AFAIK Thunderbird doesn't deal with Exchange at all, so you aren't
comparing apples with apples. You'd need to compare Evo with Outlook in
this context.


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