Re: [Evolution] Question about mailto URLs in emails and parsingin Evolution

Anders Lund wrote:
Eduardo Spremolla wrote:
AFAIK the parameters on a maito URL are non standard extensions, may be
evo steak to the standard.

Which standard is this?

So Evolution is only picking the address part of the mailto URL, because
this is what the "standard" says?

RFC 2368 is giving the format of mailto URLs, so why not handle all
parts of the mailto URL?

- Anders

On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 11:49 +0100, Anders Lund wrote:
Running Evolution 2.9.91

I have emails with mailto URLs like:

mailto:someaddress domain no?subject=DISTRIBUTE%20list%20377fdae3fa0cfeac13

In Thunderbird this is presented as one link to click to get a compose
window that has

To: someaddress domain no
Subject: DISTRIBUTE list 377fdae3fa0cfeac13

But in Evolution only the "someaddress domain no" part of the mailto URL
is possible to click on to create a compose window with only the "To"
part filled in.

Is this intended behavior or is this a bug?

Seems nobody knows if this is a bug or intended behavior. How do I
progress to get any feedback on this? Go to

and report it?

I'm really missing this "feature" to work.

- Anders

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