[Evolution] Expunging deleted messages in Evolution 2.01

Greetings - I am using Evolution 2.01 on SuSE Pro 9.2. I will be
upgrading both OS and Evo in a few days. In the meantime, I am
encountering a problem that has annoyed m me in the past. This time,
however, I have not been able to work around it.

I am able to fetch mail from my provider (Comcast) but once the messages
have been downloaded to Evo, it remains indefinitely in a state of
"Expunging deleted messages." Thereafter, each time the timed fetch goes
into action, not only are all new messages downloaded but all the
previously downloaded message that were not successfully expunged are
downloaded again, and again, and again ...

In the past, at the Comcast webmail page, I have identified a particular
message or group of messages that were "hanging up" and impeding the
download/expunge process. I deleted or moved it/them to a quarantine
folder and this repaired things. This time, I've had no luck.

I would appreciate any advice (other than "upgrade" Evo - I'm already
going to do that in a few days <grin> ).

TIA Kelly
Kelly J. Morris <kellyjmorris comcast net>

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