[Evolution] No provider available for protocol `email'. (again I know)

So I know my filters are wrong...

What I did was move to a new machine without changing the hostname first
before I brought up evolution the first time, in addition to having the
wrong uid so ORBit yelled and me. So I believe in effect screwed up both
evolution and gmon configuration one way or another.  

So I made a new filter so I could see the difference and of course just
vi/sed the file because I don't want to fix all of them one at a time in
the app... 

The problem is the old machine name is still buried somewhere and I
can't make it go away.  I grep'd all the .evolution and the .gconf and
fixed all I can find but it keeps coming back.

I guess I could just leave the old name in the evolution/filters etc but
it annoys me... 

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