Re: [Evolution] Exchange Connector

Hi Eric,

On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 15:37 -0700, Eric Crahen wrote:

I'm using Evolution 2.10.1 on FC7. I'm using the Exchange connector. I
enter my OWA URL and receiving both email & calendar events is working
beautifully, nice work! I have one question, how do I send mail back?
There is no Sending Mail option on an account's preferences that uses
the Exchange connector as there is if you use something like POP. When
I attempt to send mail with this connection I always get a failure
that says I must be over quota, but I know I'm not. Is there some way
in which we can just tell Exchange connector to send with an SMTP
server? Or somehow get more info on what's its doing wrong? Thanks, 

Exchange connector uses webDAV to communicate with Exchange and hence,
it doesn't require a separate SMTP configuration.  Can you send me
E2K_DEBUG traces when you try to send mails?  You have to send me
E2K_DEBUG traces of both Evolution and Evolution-exchange-storage
processes.  See for
how to take E2K_DEBUG traces.


V. Varadhan

Veerapuram Varadhan <vvaradhan novell com>

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