Re: [Evolution] New list member and curious.

El sÃb, 02-06-2007 a las 03:56 -0500, Elizabeth Wright escribiÃ:
I've never heard about Evolution before. Can one use this email client
without using the desktop? I'm very disgusted with Windows Mail. I
really don't care for Thunderbird's set up. I wanted something closer
to the functionality I had with Outlook Express. I quite literally
stumbled over the name of this email client when I downloaded Open
Office. I refuse to have Office 2007 and I won't buy another copy of
Windows 2003.

Those are noble goals, but while you don't need GNOME to run Evolution,
this is still a UNIX application.

That said, quickly googling around yielded some results for Windows
versions of Evolution. See for instance for a fairly recent (though
not completely) version of Evolution that installs or runs on Windows.

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