Re: [Evolution] Evolution - Account is over quota


I've deleted all e-mails with attachments.  I've also cleared every
folder that had filed messages.  I've cleared the trash can (expunge).
I've restarted evolution, but I'm still getting the same error.  Any
suggestions from here?  Is this a possible bug?

On 1/18/07, Wendell Mackenzie <wendell bea com> wrote:

 Yes, delete some of you emails from your inbox, deleted items folders that are on the server.

 If you have anything large in your outbox, delete that.

 restart evo and retry.

 On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 11:24 -0500, Evan wrote:


I'm using Evolution 2.8.1-0Ubuntu4 on Ubuntu 6.10.  I've set up an
account to my Exchange server and I've been able to get mail
successfully for months.

Currently I cannot send e-mails.  The error message is as follows:

Error while performing operation.
Could not send your message.
This might mean that your account is over quota.

I can access my Exchange account from another work computer (XP)
without any over quota error messages.  I've tried to search online
for the answer to no avail.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and have a solution?  Thanks.

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