Re: [Evolution] Starting Evo on a particular workspace?

Good afternoon,

I have a similar question or concern. I have evolution running all the
time on my main desktop (or as all the time as it manages to stay
up ...) and I want to be able to open another evolution window, not a
whole new evolution instance on another display (tunneled X over SSH).
How do I do so?


On Tue, 2007-01-16 at 01:41 -0800, Evan Klitzke wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-16 at 01:10 -0800, Evan Klitzke wrote:
Hi everyone,

This isn't an Evolution question per se, but I am a Gnome user, and I
like to keep Evolution open all the time. Hence, I have it set to launch
automatically when I log into a Gnome session. However, this launches
Evolution on workspace 1, and I like to keep it on another workspace
(e.g. workspace 2). Is there a provision for launching Gnome/GTK
applications on a particular workspace? I looked at evolution --help-all
but didn't see anything that looked promising.

I actually figured this one out last night, thanks to a kind soul on
#gnome. If you install the devilspie application and add something like
this to ~/.devilspie/evolution.ds

        (is (application_name) "evolution")
                (set_workspace 2)

and then add devilspie into the startup programs, it will automatically
move evolution to workspace 2 and maximize it. This works with metacity
(i.e. not beryl/compiz) only.

Evan Klitzke <eklitzke lists gmail com>

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