[Evolution] Faulty plugin causes evolution to freeze

Evolution-Version: 2.8.1 on Ubuntu Edgy Eft
Wanted: Way to disable eplugins manually

Hello List,

I have a problem with my Evolution: Whenever I start it, it will freeze
sooner or later. An 'strace' shows only that it hangs in a futex_wait:
futex(0x81bba38, FUTEX_WAKE, 1)         = 0
futex(0x81bba54, FUTEX_WAIT, 5209, NULL) = 0
(..) forever

However, after going back and forth to Thunderbird and recovering
my .evolution from an earlier backup (which helped for a day, then the
problem came back), I finally found out that the troublemaker is one of
the plugins:

I can flawlessy use my evolution when I start it with the
--disable-eplugin option.

Now I would like to debug a little further and figure out _which_ plugin
is causing the trouble. However, the menu option 'plugins...' under menu
'Edit' is _not_ available when starting with the --disable-eplugin
option. And the plugin-configuration is not saved withing gconf's scope

Can someone please tell me a way how to selectively disable plugins
manually? That'd be great :)

Thanks alot,

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