[Evolution] does evo leak memory?

OK.  Maybe some of the evo devs are laughing now at the silliness of
this question...

But it seems to me that evo leaks memory.  Over time, my evo process
will grow from a starting point of about 175MB to half a gig of memory
or more.

I'm not really doing anything over that time that should account for a
2.5x footprint increase.  I simply open, read and delete messages.
You'd think that would account for a pretty static footprint wouldn't

If I exit a .5GB of VM evo process and immediately start it up it's back
down to 175MB or so.  That smacks of a memory leak to me.

If not an out and out leak(s) is it some kind of caching that is out of
control?  No garbage collection or something like that.


My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell

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