Re: [Evolution] Global Address List

Regarding your rant, I tend to agree.  Let me preface that I really like
Evolution, and am currently having great success using it on FC5 (evo
2.6.3) with my company's Exchange server, even through SSL.  So, MUCH
THANKS for all that has been done on Evo!

But, yes, I tend to agree that the newest Evo versions are only
relegated to the very latest distros.  If you want to upgrade Evo, you
usually have to upgrade your whole OS.  That doesn't make sense to me.
There was even a serious bug that was released via yum that made the
Exchange Connector completely unusable, and it stayed that way for more
than a month.  Only after complaining did it get backported to FC5.  FC6
wasn't even released yet.

And forget trying to compile... so many dependencies.

Again, I *love* evolution, and the only reason I chime in is because I
want it to thrive.  Viva la Evolution!


On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 14:06 -0800, Ari El wrote:
From what I gather, GAL works using simple LDAP. To connect to the server via
LDAP companies typically require you to be part of the private network.
Which mean that GAL works when connected to the intranet, and when VPNning
into your company's network.

In my case, when I VPN GAL works, but the exchange connection breaks,
because my company requires the use of a Proxy server for HTTP when using
the VPN service, and Evolution 2.8 does not work via Proxy (the one you
setup in Gnome's control panel). 

Also Evo 2.8 exchange connector crashes 3 or 4 times a day in my ubuntu edgy
work laptop, and the evolution team does not provide packages of new or beta
releases for the popular distributions 

I tried to compile Evolution myself and it is really messy, and I could not
succeed; the evolution team provides no howto or anything.

I'm really very annoyed by all this and I'm looking for alternatives to
Evolution for exchange mail retrieval, but don't seem to find any...

Greg Michalopoulos wrote:

Successfully connected to an Exchange server hosted off site.  Cannot
get the GAL to work.  Have my calendar, all my contacts, emails, etc,
but the GAL wont populate.  I'm too lazy to look up people's email

Any tips to get this working (error message is attached)?

In the Receive Options tab of the exchange account, there are a few
settings for GAL, including server name...the provider has been no help,
is there any way to get this setting from my old outlook settings?

Thanks in advance. 

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