[Evolution] Evolution 2.94 beta bug: vertical preview pane ignores user-set font for subject

Hey folks,

I'm using Evolution 2.94 beta and it's been going quite well. 
Congrats on making a great app that continues to get even better.
I have a bug report, and question.

* In vertical view, the Subject line is in a specific monospace font,
always. It ignores the user set monospace font. The 'From and Time' use
the correct user-set font. As do all parts of the Classic View.

* There seems to have been no way to specify that you want to read
email using a variable-width font, like other graphical mailers. As a
workaround I specify a regular font in the 'Monospace font' preference,
but am I missing something? My screens much larger than 80 characters
wide and I don't find monospace fonts to be very readable.

Cheers, and thanks again for a great app.


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