[Evolution] Where does Evolution get its mime-type handlers?

I'm running Evolution 2.0.2 under RHEL4, and I used to be able to see a
list of mime-type handlers when I'd click on the drop-down menu for
attachments embedded in the evolution message pane.  For example, when a
Word doc was attached, the drop-down menu would include an option for
opening with Open Office, when a PDF file was attached, the menu would
include acroread, and when another email was attached, the menu would
include a list of text editors to open the attachments with.

Now those options are gone.  I only get "Save as..." as an option for
attached documents, and "Forward/Reply" as options for attached
messages.  So I'm guessing somewhere a configuration file got trashed or
trampled at some point, but I can't seem to figure out where that
configuration is in order to correct it.  Can anyone here point me in
the right direction?

Thanks for any pointers.


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