Re: [Evolution] Exchange Server 2007

On Dec 24, 2007 7:38 AM, Aravind Seshadri <aravind aravind name> wrote:
I was wondering if I can get Evolution to work with Exchange Server
2007. I am guessing this problem is very specific to my case but any
help is very much appreciated.

Sorry.. the current [Evolution 2.12] Exchange connector does *not* work with Exchange 2007 servers.
I have also attached a crash report which was generated when I try to
add a new Exchange account. This happens when I click on authenticate
button during the account addition process.

Assuming that you get the crash only when adding Exchange 2007 accounts, the bug report would probably not be of much help. [Yes.. it should not crash.. and yes.. it should popup a shiny new dialog saying '2007 servers not supported' :) ]

Here's the thread about the MAPI based plugin, which would support Exchange 2007 servers:


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