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On Wed, 2007-12-19 at 19:40 -0500, Alfred wrote:
I'm new to this list, don't know all the PROTO (in front of) Cols
I used Ubuntu 6.06-1 for quite a while, now I'm using 7.10. I wanted to
take all my Email and contact list out of Evolution 6.06-1 and append it
to Evolution 7.10. I tried the Box A to Box B approach and that did not
work. In fact it went like Box A to Box A and not Box A to Box B.

I thought you are in a time-machine before realizing that you are
referring to the Ubuntu version :)

With Evolution 2.12 you have the option to backup and restore things.
File -> Backup Settings and File->Restore settings


Is there some way of doing this without having to retype the 3884
E-mails and the 100's of Contacts over into 7.10? Doing this way could
take a few minutes, until Ubuntu Version 15.04 comes out at least. :) If
I knew where the Folders were, and What Files to Transfer, perhaps that
might work??

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Barry wrote:
Digging deep here, I noted some November '07 info from Steven Rainwater and
Patrick O'Callaghan in November, upgrading from 1.4.6 to 2.12.1, all in
Redhat format;  my project attempt is from RH8, version 1.0.8 to the latest
in Ubuntu.  I think I'm into something over my head.  I don't know what
Maildir is, nor mh nor mbox.  I'm not able to poke around in source code; I
don't use SpamAssasin - probably should.  And, of course, I have tons of
mail I don't want to lose.  Would I be ahead to set up a local SMTP server,
and mail myself stuff from box A to box B?  Or is there something easy here?
My setup in 1.0.8 is strictly defaults, whatever they are.  No contacts,
just mail  TIA , Barry

Maildir, mh and mbox are all alternative formats for storing mail 
locally on your PC. Evo used to support all three, but IIRC now only 
supports mbox, so if your local mail is in some other format you'll have 
to convert it.

While there are undoubtedly scripts available on the Web for doing this, 
they won't in general be oriented to Evo users, so they would need some 
manual massaging of files and directories. The alternative, and 
recommended, method is to move your local mail to an IMAP server and 
back again, i.e. use the old version of Evo to move all your local mail 
to the server, install the new version of Evo, and then move the mail 
back (or just leave it there if you prefer).

If you don't have access to an IMAP server, Gmail now offers IMAP, 
though the setup is slightly unusual since they use labels rather than 

Note that mailing stuff from one box to another, as you suggest, is 
going to change header information, particularly dates, so it's a 
non-transparent process.

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