Re: [Evolution] help writing a simple filter/plugin

On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 16:18 -0800, Matt Price wrote:

i switched to evolution from mutt a while back, and while i mostly like
that decision, i do miss some of the fine control that mutt gives you.
Recently two little things have been bugging me a bit, and i'm trying to
figure out whether i can fix them.

1)  i have a friend who can't read my mail if i append a gpg signature
-- i guess because his aging version of eudora doesn't like the way
evolution packages mail.  I would like to have a filter that checks if a
mail is going to him, and strips out the signature if he's on the
recipient list.  does that sound hard to do?  any pointers as to where
to get started?

Look at 

which is a plugin that makes use of a pre-send hook.

You may have to write one similar to that.

A general plugin manual can be found in 

2) some of my mailing lists have long names that appear at the front of
hte subject heading, e.g. [olpc-community-support] ; this makes it hard
to read the ACTUAL subject of the email.  i'd like to be able to edit
the way subject headings are displayed in particular views; or failing
that, to edit the subject headings themselves directly as the mails are
downloaded, as one might do in a procmail filter.  What's the likelihood
of being able to do one or the other with a plugin or anyway some kind
of code?  again, i'd really appreciate any pointers.

You can try creating a filter which will pipe message to a script that
you have written. However, I guess we should have a special column which
will remove anything within [] 

thanks very much,


Sankar P
Harver's Law: A drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts

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