[Evolution] asterisks and percent signs in passwords

My password contains a percent sign and an asterisk.  Both of these symbols seem to cause login errors with 
IMAP and PLAIN authentication.  Some sniffing reveals a simple password "ab" is sent like so:

   C00001 LOGIN jasona ab
   C00001 NO Login failed.

A percent sign causes the password to be sent differently, and the server either doesn't respond or says 
"Error in IMAP command received by server".

   C00002 LOGIN jasona {2+}

An asterisk seems to cause the same sending format, but it also causes the server to close the connection.

   A00002 LOGIN jasona {2+}

This is Evolution 2.10.3 on F7 talking to Courier on NetBSD (I think).

Is this a problem with my mailserver?  My quick browsing of some RFCs didn't show the {2+} syntax to be valid.

Is there a workaround besides changing my password?

Should I file a bug report?

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