[Evolution] evolution data server interaction

Hi there!

I'm interested in interacting with evolution data server considering
operations upon e-mails it stores. I have huge mail archive that is
valuable for me so I feel important to keep it secure and available. I
have two problems for now and I think it's the right place to ask
questions about them.

1. I want to export my email database to some readable format such as
unix mailbox. Evolution supports importing, but not exporting :( (as of
2.6.3 that ships in Etch). The purpose of this is not only backup, but a
way to put all the messages into some SQL database and use some
processing in the way I know better, such as create some web interface
or so.

2. Because of some not very clear operations that i did sometime i have
all messages doubled or tripled at some folder and of course i'd like to
get rid of them.

Because of all this, I wondered if there is some handy EDS command shell
or something similiar to work with. I see only "C API" there, which is
not very suitable for me.

What can you give me as an advice? Thank you in forward.
Yury Luneff
TTI SFU, CAD department, 2007
bitterman jabber ttn ru

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