Re: [Evolution] Segfault with IMAP

On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 06:28 +0000, Robin Randhawa wrote:

I'm using evolution 2.12.1 from an Ubuntu Gutsy installation. There's
this repeatable problem that I keep hitting and would like some

While I agree that I really should provide a backtrace at the segfault,
I thought I'd ask if anyone else had another solution before I dive in.

I have 2 IMAP Accounts setup and when I open up the
Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts dialog, I can see both accounts active
- the corresponding check boxes are ticked.

Now if I attempt to un-check either of these two accounts, evolution
dies with no message. I invoked evolution from a console so that I could
see anything amiss and in this case I find a segfault message.

Sounds like these related bugs : 

# Bug 324168 – Evolution crashed when disabled configured IMAP account
# Bug 378451 – Evolution crashed after deactivating E-Mail Account in Op
# Bug 417778 – evo crashes on "enable account"
# Bug 334053 – crash in camel_message_info_free at
# Bug 438421 – evolution-2.10 crashed with SIGSEGV in e_memchunk_free()
# Bug 464852 – evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in vee_message_info_free()

I did some initial work on these. Need to find sometime to close them...

- Johnny

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