Re: [Evolution] Email notification?

%% Reid Thompson writes:

The one packaged in Universe appears to be 2.0, not the latest (3.0),
and 2.0 doesn't list Evolution as a supported client: note I'm using
Evo Connector, so my mailbox isn't available through standard methods
like POP or IMAP: I need a notification client that listens to DBUS
for Evo mail events (for example).  I'll install it and try it out.

I've built GARNOME a few times but honestly I just don't have the
energy for it these days (that's a big reason why I switched to
Ubuntu!)  I'm happy to wait for Edgy to be released, if there will be
a solution there.

I'm using Evolution connector -- mail-notification 3.0 version does
recognize evolution as a client.
If you download and build it for 2.6 Evo, edit the configure script and
change the evolution version from 2.8 ( which i think it expects by
default ) to 2.6.

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