[Evolution] html mail from command line

Hi List,

I apologize for this question if it already have been answered in the list but I
was unable to find a solution in the archive...

I converted my girlfriend to Linux/Gnome some times ago and she uses Evolution
for her mails etc. In Windows/Outlook she used to send pictures directly from
the Windows Explorer by right clicking them; pictures are scaled and an html
mail integrating the selected pictures pops-up. The mail can be edited to add
comments inline.
My problem it that I was unable to produce the same behaviour with nautilus and
evolution. Here are the steps that I could reproduce:
- select the pictures and scale them.
- create an html file that displays the picture.
- start a new mail in evolution.

Then I found 2 workarounds to include the pictures:
- add them to the command line as attachements (the problem here is that the
pictures are not displayed inline and that no comments could be added.
- go to "insert --> html file" and select the generated html file.

Is there a way to do that automaticaly?

Best Regards,

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