Re: [Evolution] OWA over Internet and Evolution Connector

On 10/28/06, Ambrogio <fn050202 flashnet it> wrote:

Ok, now the problems are:
1. When I'm out of the office I can use the account only by OWA and not
by outlook.
   Is this also true for evolution connector?

the evolution connector uses OWA ... you point evo at the OWA url and
then login. So, in essence, it functions LIKE OWA

I am not sure whether evo knows about how to use an RSA token ... good
question, EVO devs?

Also, brutus ... does NOT use OWA as it's connectivity ... instead, it
works more like OutLook and (I think) uses MAPI. So, if it is the case
that remote access to you exchange account can only be done via OWA,
then I would guess that you will not have better luck with evo-brutus


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