Re: [Evolution] Probelms by compiling Evo 2.8.1

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 13:43 +0300, K. Elo wrote:
How much do You need ;-) I have copied the whole output into a file
and attached this file (bzipped). Hope it helps You to debug the
problem. Thanks in advance.

From your output file:

e-tree-memory.c: In function 'e_tree_memory_node_insert':
e-tree-memory.c:507: warning: implicit declaration of function
e-tree-memory.c:507: error: syntax error before 'ETreeMemoryPath'
e-tree-memory.c: In function 'child_free':
e-tree-memory.c:582: warning: implicit declaration of function
e-tree-memory.c:582: error: syntax error before 'ETreeMemoryPath'

You're failing on the recently-added GSlice API in GLib, which means you
you need to upgrade your GLib library.  Evolution does not yet check
your library versions when you run configure, which it should.  That's a
known bug.

To compile Evolution 2.8 from source you'll first have to download and
compile GLib 2.10 or newer.  You can get it from

Hope this helps,
Matthew Barnes

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