Re: [Evolution] Evo2.6+OpenSuse10.1+PalmTX=?

On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 23:18 -0400, Thom DeCarlo wrote:
(since that last message worked...)
For me, that combination ends in failure. I cannot find anyway to
perform a network sync (my prefered method) between the pda and
Evolution, and attempting the sync via the USB cable crashes the pda
with a soft reset (no data is lost). 

Has anyone gotten this particular combination of hardware and software
to work? Can you give me a step-by-step? Maybe there is some
documentation that I missed, but checked fairly closely.


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I don't know if this will help,  but in my experience (which is unlikely
to be representative) Evolution and Palm/PalmOne products seem to have a
checkered history. I'm using Evo 2.6.1 on XUbuntu 6.06 (the Xfce desktop
version). I'm switching (I think) to Evolution as a full-scale PIM,
instead of using it for mail and Jpilot for PDA work.

The only way I've been able to get my Tungsten E2 to sync with Evo, USB
style, is to make sure that gpilotd isn't running. Then I press the sync
button on the Palm cradle. After about five seconds or so, I go to the
Evo menu bar and click on Edit->Synchronization Options to start
gpilotd. It's a sequence trick I picked up using Jpilot. Witt Jpilot,
for reasons I haven't researched, /dev/pilot or /dev/ttyUSB0-1 get set
up automatically,  but apparently only after pilot-link detects the sync
signal from the PDA. So, I applied the same approach to Evo: PDA sync
button, wait five to eight seconds, then activate Sync options on Evo.
(Then kill gpilotd so it's ready for next time) It seems to work --
mostly. I've been able to sync everything, but the sync process hangs on
the final sync category: Tasks/ToDos. That said, any task I alter or
delete on either the Tungsten or in Evo gets transfered to the other
device. So the changes show up where they are supposed to. But why it
hangs? Who knows?

I have to say that Jpilot, although not integrated with email, seems to
operate much more harmoniously with Palm PDAs than Evo seems to do, at
least in my experience. Perhaps life will get better with 2.8!

With best regards,


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