Re: [Evolution] Multiple e-mail accounts

Am Sonntag, den 15.10.2006, 15:20 +0200 schrieb cyber guru gmx de:
Hello together!

I am using Evolution 2.6.1 under Ubuntu Dapper. Is it possible to
separate the e-mail accounts like in Thundebird? I would like to have
an inbox, an outbox etc. for every mail account. Any ideas?

=== Is it possible to have seperate individual pop accounts? ===
This is not possible, Evolution only has one unique inbox for incoming
email. Either use IMAP instead of POP or move incoming emails into
different folders by setting up filters: set up a new folder and create
two subfolders (for incoming and for sent mail of that account). Now set
up an incoming filter ("Edit > Message Filters...") to move incoming
mail to the incoming folder by filtering on the recipient's address and
an outgoing filter to move outgoing mail to the sent folder by filtering
on the sender's address.


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