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hi joe,

Am Dienstag, den 10.10.2006, 01:11 -0400 schrieb Joe J. Harrell:
As a newbie to Linux, I read in the Evolution docs. that it handles
viruses. Presently I am using my computer as a single workstation
connecting to my ISP as needed, through dial-up, and am not using an
MTA. Evolution is used to both send and receive mail directly.

I do have amavisd-new running, but since I am not using an MTA is my
mail coming in unfiltered for viruses. If so, what would be the
easiest way set  up a virus filtering capability, as opposed to
setting up my stand-alone, single user computer as a mailserver, thus
using an MTA configured system. 

this does not answer why you want to filter virii. i don't know anybody
running linux who cares about this at all. :-)

you can for example use clamav to filter.
after installing clamav, you can add a message filter in evolution
("edit | message filters").
under "If", choose "Pipe to Program", and add the path to clamav:
      /usr/bin/clamscan --quiet -
(the "-" sign at the end of the field pipe to program is important.)
then add "return | 1".
under "Then", you can for example choose to move the infected mails to a
seperate folder. add a second action to the "Then" part, namely "Stop
if you put that filter rule on the top of your filters, it should work.

see also:


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