Re: [Evolution] Setting up text-only control buttons on Evolution 2.6

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I've just installed Evolution 2.6 on Xubuntu and would like to exercise
a "text only" option, so to speak, on the toolbar buttons along the top
of the windows. (A bit of a space saver on a laptop screen.) I asked
this question a while back, and someone suggested that I install
gnome-control-center to make the change. Is there a way to do it without
g-c-c? I'd prefer to avoid installing software I'll rarely use beyond
this one change. Does Evolution have some sort of config file I could
manually edit? Or are Evolution's overall display options so tightly
bound to Gnome that only g-c-c can effect the change?

You can always change them by hand, using the gconf-editor program or editing the actual config
file. The gconf key is /desktop/gnome/interface/toolbar_style. The possible values are "both",
"both-hoirz", "icons", and "text". I think what you want is "text".

gconf-editor is a GUI that makes it easier to change the gconf keys. The gconf files themselves
reside in /etc/gconf and ~/.gconf.

Nathan Owens

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