[Evolution] Shared Folders on Courier Imap Server


I am using evolution as my primary mail and calendar application for
quite some years now and I am pretty pleased with it's features.

We have been using shared imap folders on an cyrus imap server for the
last years. This worked quite fine with evolution, you simply had to set
'Overwrite Server Namespace' and set the namespace to an empty string to
use the shared folders and the INBOX with all it's child folders.

We are switching from cyrus to courier imap now and we seem to be unable
to access shared folders and INBOX in parallel on the courier server.
With default settings I am able to see the INBOX and all it's subfolders
but no shared folders. Setting the 'Overwrite Server Namespace' and
setting namespace to '#shared.name-of-top-shared-folder' we were able to
access the shared folders but loose access to the INBOX and all child

This problem seems to be described in bugzilla:


which is marked being a duplicate of:


I have tried the same courier server setup with Thunderbird and it
worked without problems. I can see INBOX with all subfolders and #shared
with all subfolders at the same time.

The only workaround I found in evolution is to set up two different
accounts, one using the default namespace to access the INBOX, one using
the #shared... namespace to access the shared folders. But I had to use
different usernames in those two accounts as evolution did not accept
the same username for both accounts.

I am currently using Evo 2.6.1 on Ubuntu Dapper. Does anybody know if
there is another workaround available or if this will be implemented any
time soon?

Thanks for any hints,

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