Re: [Evolution] Evolution is using total CPU and Ram

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Ok. I opened the Sent file. There were over 4 million lines in there. I deleted 600K of them. That was the 
last email. Do I also do this for the inbox as well as the message was bounced  back to me from Yahoo?


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Subject: Re: [Evolution] Evolution is using total CPU and Ram
From: Alexandru Nedelcu <bonefry gmail com>
Date: Fri, October 13, 2006 12:19 pm
To: wade wadesmart com

A quick solution would be for you to manually modify the file that
Evolution uses to store emails on disk.

If you're using the local folders to store the email, the Sent file
would be located at:

The format of this file is very comprehensible ... just search for the
title of the email, and you delete every line from there to the next

Open it in a text editor capable of handling large files, but do make a
backup of it first, to have what to recover in case you screw up.

On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 09:56 -0700, wade wadesmart com wrote:
10132006 1152 GMT-6

Last night I sent an email to a client with a yahoo address. The email was too large and I received a 
failure message. When I tried to delete it, my CPU and Memory shot straight up. I let it sit for a few 
hours but it didnt recover. This morning I had to hard boot to get it to stop. When I opened Evolution 
again, same thing happened. 

I got this from my system monitor:
Process Name   Status          Memory   Virtual Memory   %CPU     CPU Time
Evolution     Uninterruptiable 1.6GiB    1.6Gib           0 CPU   3:40:96

In /.evolution/mail/local/Inbox  Inbox plain text file is 1.2GB in size.

What can I do to recover? 


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