Re: [Evolution] Multiple accounts question

By default IMAP accounts will have their own inboxes etc... accessed
remotely. I think Dale will be using POP3 to access his email i.e.
downloading them to his local inbox. I think the only way to sort them
into folders is similar to Microsoft's Outlook method. Go to...

(menu) Message > Create rule > Filter on recipients

...and choose filter by 'source account'. Play about with the rules and
you should be able to move messages to certain folders depending on
which account they are received through.

If IMAP is an option, then use it instead of POP3. There are a many
advantages over POP3 becuase mail is held centrally on a remote server
and an inbox can be accessed from any local client.


On Wed, 2006-10-11 at 13:27 -0400, Ferna wrote:
I have multple imap email accounts each with different inboxes in
Evolution. In fact I don't even use Evolution's default inbox, sent,

How I did it is; I didn't set an account to begin with when i opened
Evolution. Instead after it was open I clicked on Edit>Preferences
then in the far right I clicked on Add. After filling out all that
info, I have 2 accounts under "On This Computer" 1 for each imap
account, then under there I have my inbox, then under the inbox I have
a sent-mail, draft, etc, which I setup in that preferences box under

On 10/11/06, admin harwood com <admin harwood com> wrote: 
        Good Morning folks !
        I have a question that I have not been able to figure out the
        answer to. 
        Using Evolution 2.0.2
        I need to have multiple accounts with seperate INBOX, DELETED,
        SENT, etc
        folders for each account. I can set up multiple accounts but
        they all
        share the same folders whereas all inbound mail ends up in one
        Am I missing something obivious here ?
        Otherwise this program answers all my needs. Great Job !
        Dale Harwood
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