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I have multple imap email accounts each with different inboxes in Evolution. In fact I don't even use Evolution's default inbox, sent, etc.

How I did it is; I didn't set an account to begin with when i opened Evolution. Instead after it was open I clicked on Edit>Preferences then in the far right I clicked on Add. After filling out all that info, I have 2 accounts under "On This Computer" 1 for each imap account, then under there I have my inbox, then under the inbox I have a sent-mail, draft, etc, which I setup in that preferences box under "Defaults".

On 10/11/06, admin harwood com <admin harwood com> wrote:

Good Morning folks !

I have a question that I have not been able to figure out the answer to.
Using Evolution 2.0.2
I need to have multiple accounts with seperate INBOX, DELETED, SENT, etc
folders for each account. I can set up multiple accounts but they all
share the same folders whereas all inbound mail ends up in one INBOX.

Am I missing something obivious here ?

Otherwise this program answers all my needs. Great Job !


Dale Harwood
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