[Evolution] Faking a calendar entry using a change notice ?

I have been running evolution under Linux for quite a while and am now
using fetchnotes to retrieve mail from a Notes server and read with
Evolution. (Currently Evolution version 2.6.3).

New calendar entries are properly placed in my Evolution calendar.
However there are a number of standing calendar invitations for which I
do not have my original invitation.

I would like to get everything from my current Notes calendar into my
Evolution calendar such that Evolution recognizes a match when a
calendar change shows up.  Alternately I will just wait for a change
notice and try and "fake" a calendar entry.

I see that calendar change notices have a couple IDs as:

So I'm thinking that I could probably grab these from a change notice
and perhaps cobble up a new calendar entry so that Evolution showed me
the meetings and reacted properly to the change notices.

Is there any documentation describing such a trick? I have been unable
to locate any such information.

Thanks, Dale
dale archcape com

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